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こうゆうトリック思い 凄い! 下から覗いても何もな おもしろいな 二度見してしまったよ 正邪の技術で造られて ↑なにやら仕様が変わ Oh...既出でしたか。 どっちもすごいな

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With a look reminiscent of the wonderful 90´s but a new and edgy attitude to match the current trends of gaming, keeping up with the times but honoring the past, here´s the coolest Hoatzin ever seen! Based on the exotic and unique south american species, the missing link between the mighty dinosaurs and the nimble birds, Hoatzu captures perfectly what Sega is all about: exploring the new frontiers of entertainment, evolving while keeping the familiar feel we have always loved. From the far away Venezuela, made by Javier Reinoso and Diony Alvarado, lifelong Sega fans!

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