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This was something I wanted to do. I tried to make as best as I can. This is meant to reflect of my loneliness in real life. Model by 伊勢 照美/Ise Terumi

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Taking a Journey from the reality of anime with masterfully programming are born from the Tokyo, Japan. Who was an "Kemika Miku" is more then detailer and does it Real-life and Virtual-life into Visualization from MMD Universe reality. It was pushed real-time sequences by their groups of "Kemika-Nova Vocaloid Project" some assumed with their spawning of world of Mankind and Anime lived together, As an James Taylor was an Photograph location tour somewhere at Worldwide it is own way his jobs. It is about to you view with Framed Miku these having the many picture skits for Visual Effect Photography to new generation in American-Thai/Japanese CG anime animation style of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Over Through the Internet! It is about masterpiece based on the live-action and animation film titled of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Creating movie about 30 years before the created of Live-action and CG anime animation / CG anime photography are New Genre of: MMD CG Picture Skit.

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