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南アフリカ航空のボーイング707です。 South African Airways(Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens) Boeing707

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ーAD2507・12/27 AM11:28ー N35.18.58 E39.8.5                              ▽                                                              KOR HQ<<Report>>                                        KOR HQ<<The burglar who escaped the National Assembly is now flying in south-southwest. Capture quickly and shoot down>>                                        KOR HQ<<Oh, if possible you can get the photos intact ♪ (Important)>>                              ?<<I know. I added a fee (important)>>                              Unknown<<I was the only one with me to be licked ...>>                              ?<<Surrender. You have no chance of winning>>                              Unknown<<In addition to the power of the spirit that the ancestor gained, in addition to knocking down me who fought with the tengu and became the strongest ”Masco” now?>>                              ?<<My name ...... "Moebius" is not a decoration. let's go!>>                              Masco<<Comoooooooon!!!!>>

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