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ムキニ ヘラジカ is NOT GOD. サンドスターのけだも へららっ! ^o^「YAH-YAH!MY NAM

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沢山の広告を頂き、ここで御礼を申し上げることしか出来ず申し訳ありません。 皆様から頂いたコメントも通知が来た際に読ませていただいております! 本当にありがとうございます!!!! 豊後国審神者様、華依様、稀流様、くず餅様、はすはな様、ジラ様、京四郎様、煌琳様、しらす様、しらす様、深茄様、★ばんび★様、葵衣様、月子様、深茄様、火星人審神者様、ark様、ark様、lili09様、lili09様、lili09様、 クロワッ様、うああああああ様、延壽様、延壽様、延壽様、黎々様、黎々様、Yaya様、kirsch様、クラゲに食され審神者様、豊後国審神者様、もけし様、備中国審神者様、さにわ様、トオル様、トオル様、ちかげ様、ちかげ様、カナ様、neco様、相模国審神者様、斉宮様、斉宮様、クラゲに食され審神者様、佐渡様、佐渡様、サングェ様、クラゲに食され審神者様、山城国審神者様、ハルシャ様、あおい様、たま様、あんず様、あんず様、ito様、キイロイネコ様、クラゲに食され審神者様、rarest様、西子様、相模所属阪審神者様、クラゲに食され審神者様、クラゲに食され審神者様、備前国審神者様、延壽様 そして、まさかまさかのマユキ様ご本人様にも広告を頂き、思わず五度見ほどしてしまいました…!!

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The entry for "Boboiboy Birthday Event 2017" (hashtag: #BoboiboyBirthdayEvent2017), which is held by Xierally to celebrate BoBoiBoy's birthday on March 13th every year. Inspired by Kenshi Yonezu's "Flowerwall" song, the colour scheme for BoBoiBoy's casual outfit is based on his default outfit in BoBoiBoy Galaxy series. Anyways, I imagined when BoBoiBoy was trying to find Fang, Ying, Yaya, Gopal, Tok Aba and Ochobot around Rintis Island but they were nowhere to be found at that time. Even he tried to ask several people about them, and when all else failed, he only could walk alone inside an underground tunnel to take some rest and think about his upcoming birthday while standing next to the Flowerwall (that wall with flower graffiti). What he didn't know was, they were hiding in a secret place for his birthday surprise... --------------------------------- BoBoiBoy © Animonsta Studios/monsta Art © lorreinegeralde

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