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鬼武者の萌えコンテス 爛石50個頑張ったんだ おめでとぉ~ヽ(´ー` 武器が超かっこいいで ありがとうございます かわええ・・・おめで エメ子来た!ww 優 優秀賞おめでと

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It is the Rina official style in her MMD version ! I have worked hard on her ;w; ( For reminder look at this link towards the wikia page : http://fanloid.wikia.com/wiki/Kagamine_Rina) I hope you like ! For the model I have changed the base, the hair and the outfit because I wanted that it looks like the official style which is a traditional image (not made in 3D) (video link : sm23859142) The picture (traditionnal) and the new design are made by RinCagamine on DeviantArt ( DA account link : http://rincagamine.deviantart.com/ and the picture link : http://rincagamine.deviantart.com/art/Rina-from-Ondina62-462426468) Old style : http://ondina62.deviantart.com/art/Rina-Kagamine-official-style-450860169 Now the old style is the design for the Append POWER !

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