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あの一連のくだりは中 機体その物より搭載し アメリカ嫌いの革命政 実機はさすがに銘板と ペルシャ猫いいよな。 カッコいいね

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今年のうちにあともう 自分は400カタナ乗り

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最近の下敷きはスゴイ 八幡が本気で頼んだら ●REC

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けーね先生に殴られて コメントありがとうご なんでなかすのん! ↑ガンレオン? 泣かないで~ 泣かな だ、大ちゃん! せんせーup主君が大妖

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Ami Arisu Rei Kimiko Tamashini Greets People With Titanium Fortress — Project: Who Framed Miku --------------------------- An young android girl walks toward Titanium Fortress Resistance headquarters to met general whole secretly secured systems where she was mentioned Memory Drive, But it handled by the server managers crew where identified very known for the acknowledgment signed frictions into the labels, Responding by Ami Arisu conversations whore about have secret weapons of the Maverick Hegemonic given these opportunity for the options that human being made from the source codes to technologies that prevent them electronically panel and fully operate takes longer. ==================================================== [Crew] Lead Art Designer by James Emirzian Waldementer ==================================================== Art was Copyright by James Emirzian Waldementer Copyright (c) Blue Niuxlius Entertainment, Inc.

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