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すごい素敵なイラスト 似てる! もっちーの雰囲気がい

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・・・修正、差し替え ん?…綴り間違ってる おおおおお!!!

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Every Little Thing 「Feel My Heart」 カラオケ練習用 歌キャラ

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A man without face and always smile.(no one exactly know what this creature is, Ghost? alien? devil? or something else.... ) Mad hatter does not like to killing, he would rather have a tea party with people who disturbed him. Of course, as a gentleman, he does not like rude man, and he will hollow out their visceral as little punishment. And he hate symmetry things. he will get a little angry when he saw perfectly symmetry thing. He is a shielder in the game, with low move speed and higher ATK ATK x 1.4 Hp x 1.4 defense x 0.8 every thing he does is slow. (card, move, frequency of attack) Skill: ATK raise with more enemies surrounding Ultimate skill: summon giant eyes in the back, appear for 15 seconds, and enemy who was seen will unable to move (can only attack and using attack card)for 6 second.

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今回はEvery Little Thingの「fragile」の 駅名替え歌歌詞を掲載します。今回も重複ゼロで作りました。

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